January 17, 2009

boopity boop

Well, well, well,, 'Tis Saturday and we've just returned from a brief
venture into town where we walked to the library, The Sacred Well
(favourite store) and Los Cantaros for some delicious Mexican fare.

We're all pretty tired. The week has been long. I have been unable to
finalize all my newest works and post them to etsy although they are
nearly finished now. I should have calmed myself down and endeavored
to finish one at a time, instead of working on a bunch all over the place.
I was just so eager to complete all of them!

I'm a silly girl sometimes. But that's ok.

Here's some recent pictures of the exciting happenings going on here!
Mabel tried to read Jason's book...

She sat in a basket and looked utterly adorable...

And she gave me bunny kisses.
'Till later..

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