January 27, 2009

Late morning thoughts on a Tuesday

(this happens to be a beautiful tiled wall in Santa Fe, New Mexico)

I have the celtic music playing and just finished smudging the apartment, and so it seems like the perfect time to sit down and let some thoughts come forth..

We did some fun things on the weekend.. Saturday we spent in Oakland's Chinatown, partaking of the New Year's celebration. We got there just in time for the wonderful Lion Dance, strolled around a bit looking at all the vendor's wares, and then popped into a bakery to choose a variety of Chinese pastries and desserts which we had never eaten before. I liked the sponge cake the best, while Isabella loved her specially chosen round coconut dessert. I cannot remember if Jason had a favourite; I don't think so (-: It was fun to try a bunch of new things with new tastes, textures and ingredients (-:

On the walk home, we took a peek inside the huge new Roman Catholic cathedral that was just recently built, and then relaxed for a short while at home before zipping back out to buy me a hot water bottle (I am in love and my aching pregnant bones are so grateful) and yummy treats from the drug store, as well as a movie from the library. We used all three as soon as we returned home (-:
It certainly wasn't the healthiest day in terms of sugary snacks but we did walk for hours! Sunday was a bit of a downer for me, I don't know why,, Could be hormones but I'm not altogether sure. Jason and Isabella endeavored to take her skipping rope and new kite to the open area by the park and hopefully meet up with some wind,, and I ended up going along even though I didn't feel up to it. We ended the day with a trip to the Mexican restaurant and then a round of card games at home.

Yesterday I had Bella home with me all day, as it was a PD day for the teachers. She had a blast. She started her day by dressing in ballerina gear and dancing around the apartment to a CD of faerie music, then created a kindergarten class for her dolls and stuffed toys which lasted hours,, changed again and belly danced for me, ate yummy lemon bars that Jason baked the night before, helped me do three loads of laundry and then had a much-needed shower. She needed a day to just play and play and be a kid entirely. Lately our lives are so busy and separate, as she doesn't even arrive home until close to 4 pm when she has to do an hour or more of homework, plus practice her multiplication flash cards and take a shower, while I make dinner and get things washed up and organized for the next day. We have been trying to make more time in the evenings, playing a couple games all together at the end of the day and it has been really, really fun. Time seems to slow down finally and it's beautiful to finally be centered in the present, Not thinking about what needs to happen next.

I miss Isabella and our homeschooling days, when we spent so much time together and everything seemed like such a beautiful flow. Yes, it was tiring too, and I had so much more to juggle, planning her lessons and implementing them while attempting to get my own work done at the same time,, Never with a moment all to myself..But life is change I suppose. And I cannot do everything. I am happy for her, That she has some lovely friends to play with and all these new experiences and opportunities.

Anyway, what am I talking about??! In four months I'll be starting all over again, with a new baby to occupy my moments and thoughts and entire existence! It does please me. I am a person who has never been happier in her life than with a child to love and care for,, and I SO wanted to have more children. (-: Happy me.

With that, I am off to call my Mom. I do hope she is home (-:

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