March 11, 2010

Point Reyes..again (:

Last weekend we ventured out to Point Reyes again. We went to Drake's
Beach ~ a new spot for us ~ and had a lovely time. Jason headed for the more
remote area of the beach looking for treasures while Isabella, Jude and I hung out
in the surf (: We had a picnic blanket spread out on the sand in a little alcove,
protected from the wind, but little Jude was so excited to be at the beach that he
spent much of his time scooting along the beach touching the sand and seaweed,
and riding on my hip as I dodged the waves (:
When the wind got a bit too boisterous for our liking, we ordered hot chocolates
at the ocean-side cafe and warmed ourselves before heading back home.
We try to do fun things on the weekend as a family, but it's something of a challenge
given that Jude seems to hate car rides. Isabella loved going in the car as an infant;
She would nod right off to sleep as soon as the car started moving and sleep as long
as we drove. Not Jude; He cries and fights as we strap him in, then fusses while we
drive, and if he gets even the least bit hungry or bored, watch out ~ Screamfest.
Last weekend, for some odd reason, he was actually calm and well-behaved during our
travels. I hope this is the way of the future (knock on wood) because Jason has a big
itch for travel, and Bella and I enjoy getting out and about too..Jude seems happiest
when he's out in nature for sure. (:

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