March 15, 2010

Note to self::

Lately it seems as if my little world is spinning at an alarming pace. I forget certain things which are so very important. So, I am going to make a list, for that I can help myself to remember (:

~ pet the Bunny. It makes you feel peaceful and she will be happy too.
~ Drink more tea. It's one small way that you can treat yourself.
~ MORE ART IS NEEDED. Self-explanatory.
~ Note to self concerning the 'More Art is Needed' - This doesn't mean art specifically created with selling in mind - This means the art of living, The beauty of every day actions...Little things ~ creative things..Don't forget this!
~ Spend more time on the patio. Sun is healing and promotes positivity.
~ Burn white sage. Clear the air, and the energy. Just do this.
~ Play with Jude. Even when there is a mess on every floor, laundry, dishes, and a million other things to do. His joy will bring about your own bliss (:
~ Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And drink water! Even if you're really overwhelmed and busy, these things will make you feel awesome so you'll feel empowered and able to dance through your day.
~ Practice breathing. Do this every time there is a lull, Even if it lasts only but a moment.
~ Don't go on this computer!! Do something else instead. Preferably something new or creative.

That will do for the time being. A good start (:

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful List! May have to write one myself. But 1st definitely need to get off the computer for a while!


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