March 18, 2010


I have been working at this computer for the morning and afternoon doing research, writing emails and filling out and printing government forms in anticipation of our summer move back to Canada (: While the end result of all this document-heavy workload is wonderful and happy indeed, the process is indeededly NOT. My brain is feeling all wiggy and my shoulders are tense and achy from slouching over the computer..I have the worst posture, I know... But I am grateful that baby Jude has been courteous enough to take a long afternoon nap so that I could get my work done undisturbed, and when he wakes, I cannot wait to grab him up and wisk him outside for a much-deserved walk in the lovely, jasmine-scented air of our neighbourhood. I am going to miss living in California, but it will be so sweet to take tea with my Mom and chat endlessly at her kitchen table again (:

I took this photo when we were at Drakes Beach at Point Reyes. Two of these hopefulls were eyeing our picnic blanket but alas, we had brought no food ;-) I rather like crows. My dad had a pet crow when he was a boy. It flew with him on his way to school each day. He had stolen it out of its' nest and raised it as his own. He loved birds. He had a bunch of pigeons as well, which he kept in a hollowed-out bomb casing which his father had repurposed for him when they still lived in Holland. Unfortunately for him, his mother cooked them when he was at school one day. She was not the nicest of mothers. I imagine that there is more to this story than the hurtful memories of my father as a small boy, Like the fact that there were 8 children in the family and times were extremely tough; They ate a lot of potatoes ~ The 'pigeon meal' was most likely necessary. I do love the stories of my lineage (:

Ok, almost done with the document printing..1:45 and I have only eaten a bowl of cereal. I'm HUNGRY!!! (: I'd best be offffffffffffff.....

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