March 2, 2010

I believe

My imagination is filled with thoughts of gnomes and forest-keepers lately. Happy! Is it ridiculous that I believe in gnomes and faeries? I do not think so, although some would have you believe that they are indeed, not real. Silly people. I recall fondly the afternoon when I was tending my little garden far in the back of my parents' property. Stooped over, weeding and nurturing my flowers and vegetables, I heard a faint giggle coming from somewhere nearby. It was loud enough that I was certain my mind did not, indeed, conjure the sound. I stayed where I was, continuing my tending work, and pretended I didn't notice (I didn't want to let on that I had 'the hearing') It went on for a minute or so more, the sound waving in and out like a gentle breeze. No, I never heard it again but I believe. And when Isabella was much smaller and we walked to the furthest back corner of the land many times each week, tucking small gifts of berries, freshly-baked muffin pieces and little notes into the opening of the largest tree, we were astonished to find a tiny, perfect jawbone with tiny, little teeth in the very same spot one day. We think it is that of a fieldmouse, although we looked all around the area and found no other bones. A gift back. ^__^

by the way, this sweet keeper-of-the-forest and a few of her sisters will soon be found in my etsy shop (:

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  1. i enjoyed reading this post. fairies have certainly been noticed in our forest! i look forward to seeing your new art!


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