September 30, 2010

Autumn gathering

A truly magical thing happens in the back yard each autumn.
All of the blackbird tribe gather together, making their blackbird sounds in unison and discussing their plans for the coming winter season.
It truly is a sight to behold. So many of them. Hundreds! It also feels like such an honour - a blessing - that they choose our yard to spend this sacred time in. I like to think that they feel safe here (:
I hid under the big tree beside the garage and was close enough that, when startled, they all flew my way unknowingly. I could hear their wingbeat~sound over my head as they swooped a meter or so near my hiding place. It was amazing. I love blackbirds.
After they had all flown away and dissapeared, Jason saw that there was a treasure on the grass, not 10 feet from where I was hiding that whole time..
Thank you for the gift, bird spirits.

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