September 9, 2010

what makes me happy?

From 'The Secret of Roan Inish'. Yes, my favourite movie is a children's movie ;-)

Whenever I am feeling a bit down, this movie cheers me right up. I know this may sound silly, but the scene where the kids sneak to the island and clean the cottages is SO satisfying, and makes my heart happy.
I just thought I'd mention that (-:

By the way, someone else has been kind enough to feature my Day of the Dead pillow in a treasury! Yay! I suppose this is a small hint that Halloween is on its way! With that in mind, I am off to create more Day of the Dead goodies (: (: fun fun fun (:



  1. Secret of Roan Innish is a favorite movie around here, too. I've watched it with my sweet boy several times. My favorite part is when the little boy is herded by seals right into his grandmother's arms (I cry every time I see it...) Also, we have the sound-track which makes for great listening on foggy coastal journeys. We were out at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve today (just north of Half Moon Bay.) It was baby's first beach trip -- he was happy to be out of the wind, tucked inside the Moby-wrap. The tide pool rocks were full of mama harbor seals and their babies catching a bit of bleak, foggy sunshine. They looked at us with as much curiosity as we had for them while we picked around the tide-pools looking at the star fish and sea anemones (we even saw the tiniest eel -- just 2 inches long -- it looked like a bit of brown seaweed as it glided through the tide pool...)

    It sounds like Canada-home is nourishing your family & soul. Happy (almost) autumn and blessings to you!

  2. Hi, I've come to your blog through Guusje's appletart. My name is Nadine and I live in Malta, small island in the middle of the mediterranean sea. I loved reading your profile and can very much relate especially the chai drinking tea, which I am growing very fond of lately. I have two blogs, one about Malta and the other about my life in general. Feel free to visit both and leave a comment if you like. :))


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