September 4, 2010

ORIGAMI !!!!!!!! ORIGAMI !!!!!!!!

These lovely paper lanterns beautified our living room wall for years!

Jason and I love origami (-: We have been making it ~ and decorate our home with it ~ for many, many years. We have decorated our walls, ceilings, doorframes, windowframes and Christmas tree with waterbombs (small paper lanterns fitted onto the ends of Christmas lights). We make origami crane mobiles and hang them from the ceiling..We tuck individual cranes into garden pots, trees, windowframe corners, decorative bowls on a table or shelf...We give them to friends and waitresses and children. We create different origami designs for use on gift packaging, on greeting cards and holiday items (such as these Valentines made for Isabella's classmates last February!)

So yes, we love Origami. And we thought it was about time to list some in my shop so that others can enjoy it too! We have three designs right now ~

Origami cranes! They come in a package of 12 and are a random mix of different colours (-:

Origami Paper Lanterns! These come in a package of 25 and are constructed of patterned origami paper ~ Each one has a different pattern. They are so pretty when put onto the ends of Christmas lights and strung about the room. Depending on which colour(s) the lights are changes the effect. Very awesome (-:

Origami Flapping Mouths! These are fun because you can make them 'talk'. They open and close, which makes them very fun for both adults and children alike!

To see these lovely origami creations in my shop, click here!


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