September 7, 2010

First day of school, First painting & Another etsy treasury!

Lots of goings~on around here (-: Jude has just nodded off and is enjoying his glorious late morning nap and Jason is out in the studio working on a painting (-: Today is the first day of school and Isabella was SO SO nervous; Mostly she was worried about not making friends. I hope her day is going well ~ She has been there for two hours now (-: On the way to drop her off this morning I stopped into a little corner store and let her pick out a special treat for the first day of school, so she has that to look forward at the very least! She picked 'Smarties', which you can only get in Canada. They do have a candy of the same name in the US but it's totally different. They are my favourite (-:
At any rate, we all fared quite nicely with the earlier wake up time. I had my shower, coffee, tea and oatmeal got made and eaten, morning talk and joking happened. All good. I took a picture of Isabella as I have done every year at the beginning of the school year. We picked her outfit last night (a very important choice for the first day of school!) ~ blue skinny jeans, brown long-sleeved shirt with a printed tree and embroidered leaves, green "Little Miss Fun" sweatshirt, and she wore her moonstone necklace to give her strength for the day ahead. (-: I do love that little girl. I can't believe she will be 10 years old in just three months.

So, here she is, my darling girl~child on this morning:

And here's how she spent her last day of freedom yesterday:

We also went out for a celebratory yummy drink and a treat at the cafe in town, strolled along the nature pathway through the marsh and did lots and lots of laundry (-:

THIS is Jude's very first painting! I would have taken pictures of him actually making it, but I was ensuring that he didn't paint everything else in sight as well. A lovely keepsake. I have Isabella's first painting too. I look forward to framing them and hanging them up to enjoy forever (-:

And, one of my dolls has been featured in a treasury! See here (-:

Have a beautiful Tuesday (-: xo

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