January 28, 2012

cheetah girl, dessert and bread!

Bella was the narrator in a play her french class was performing last week, and so she needed to dress up to suit the theme. It was based in Africa so we went with cheetah face paint, an orange shirt, black pants and a black hoodie, plus the ears (: I had less than 45 minutes to paint her before she ran off to catch the bus but I managed to complete my task withiut it looking too rushed. This is the first "painting" I have done in ages! I was so inspired by the act of creating with my hands that I made Dutch apple streusel bread. So yummy (: The next day I made a loaf of french-style bread and a lovely rice and veggie dish, with some tart lemon squares for dessert (: There are no pictures of those; they dissapeared before I got a chance to photograph them! They are as yummy as can be, taken from a recipe my Mom has been using for years which comes from one of her cookbooks, although I cannot remember which one..


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