January 17, 2012

happy is my heart

Every so often I happen upon an image or quote that really, truly inspires me and wakes me up; Reminding me about the beauty that is life...(: We are so lucky to be here, to have this experience of living and loving. We are so blessed to feel and think and breathe. Yes. I quite like this photo.

Both my little ones are asleep and Bella is at school. My mom has come up for an impromptu visit, which delights everyone, and she has just popped out to the local post to mail something for me and to pick up a few food staples as well. It is so darned hard to get everyone organized and out the door ~ I save such trips for things that are really important or exceedingly necessary because frankly, it is much easier to keep everyone at home and in-tune with hungry stomachs and naptimes (:

Yes, just random thoughts..there is a chance of freezing rain so I am glad our fridge and pantry are filled (: One thinks much more differently about such things when living in the woods!



  1. What an amazing shot! Glad you are getting some time for you, it's tough sometimes.

  2. You have some extraordinary images here. So beautiful while down to earth with elegant simplicity. Love the white chocolate kisses in the wooden bowl, absolutely brilliant photograph. Love it.
    Drop by the prairie in Montana to say howdy!
    Be well and happy!

    Susie Rosso Wolf


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