January 22, 2012

things that happen

...more recent moments:

A rare moment of absolute peace. What you cannot see is Jude being reprimanded by Jason in the next room for spitting on the floor (an act of supreme jealousy!) Ah, toddlers..Isabella was kind enough to take a picture of Ollie and I. She takes many photos of us (:

Haha, funny. Poor Ollie has some serious baby acne and cradle cap. Neither of my other babies got cradle cap, although they both had a bit of the acne but nothing too major. This picture is from last week. His forehead has cleared up nicely now, but his cheek is really inflamed. It's such hard work having a body and being on the earth! I do have to mention how lovely and chubby this little guy is! Two months old now and close to 14 pounds! Ollie loves to nurse and sleep and grow...I am happy to see that he is so content and healthy, but slow down my little one! Stay small ~ Fit in my arms forever! They really do grow much too fast ):

We had a doozy of a snowstorm! You couldn't see a thing! Remarkable (:
It happened at precisely the time in the afternoon when Isabella arrives home from the bus, and I sent Jason in the car to 'rescue' her, as she has to walk a long way down our forest path and long driveway to get home. She was most appreciative.

An owl with a diaper. Enough said (:

But also, some paint chips! I am pretty excited ~ Jason is painting one of the upstairs bedrooms so that I might transform the space into a sewing/creating studio room! I'll be making three of the walls a gorgeous robin's egg sort of blue. The fourth wall sports wooden panels so I'll be leaving that the way it is. The floor is horrid; large wooden slabs carved with furniture scrapes and even a large burn-mark. For the time being we'll settle for a beautiful rug, and I may paint the floor just to clean it up a bit where you'll see it around the edges. We'll see. This house is old and steeped in lore..it's creaky and squeaky and I love it (:

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