January 14, 2012


I am constantly amazed ~ and humbled, and grateful ~ for the gift of this new life we live, for our beautiful dwelling in the forest, and the gorgeous wildlife that I am lucky enough to glimpse!
I saw this grouse land in the tree directly outside the kitchen window as I strolled to the fridge, arms full of baby. Had I not seen its flapping wings, I quite possibly would have missed it sitting there, the plumage blending in so sneakily to the wintery surroundings. It makes my heart happy that it thought a perch so close to our house was a safe place to rest awhile (:
In the time since I have lived here (three months!) I have seen an owl, fox, moose, chickadees, grouse, wild turkeys, porcupine, woodpeckers, three different kinds of squirrels, chipmunks, and a variety of birds that I cannot recall right now. I have heard the coyotes yipping at dusk and seen the prints of deer, raccoon and rabbit in the snow near our home. Wow (:


  1. What a handsome bird! I was driving through the Tennessee countryside this morning and chanced upon some wild turkeys, but even if I had a camera I would never have been able to take such lovely photos.

  2. Thank you! Some wild turkeys wander nearby here as well but they are a bit more difficult to photograph! I appreciate you stopping by (:


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