March 4, 2014

peeling hard boiled eggs

One day last week we endeavored to make deviled eggs. I had never done this before, but I helped my Mom to make them long ago so I figured it would be an easy side-dish. Our hens have been laying like crazy - I brought in 23 eggs one day last week! A new record! And so, I have been brainstorming on recipes that utilize a ton of eggs. So far, I have made deviled eggs, frittatas, baked pancakes...I am looking VERY forward to making an angel food cake and a lemon meringue pie! That should put these eggs to good use!
At any rate, whenever I start a project in the kitchen, I seem to attract these two funny little helpers (-; Ollie really made a mess of his egg, but oh, did he ever enjoy himself! They were supposed to be peeling the eggs, and they did do that, but Ollie peeled his right down to the yolk, and then he said "Oh no!" and tried to pile the egg whites back on top, and then the shell on top of that. It was hilarious, and so cute. Jude, he did an awesome job. He peeled a bunch of egg shells off for me, cut the eggs in half and popped the yolks out and was very proud (:

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  1. I'm not a hard boiled egg fan - I'd use my eggs for baked goods instead!


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