March 18, 2014

We find our peace in the woods

I don't make it out into the woods nearly as much as I should. It is a profoundly healing place, and filled with immeasurable peace. We have a wondrous gift, of living here. 
Today we walked in the forest. Jason took the boys out yesterday as well.
They found a decaying fallen log with a large hollow and played there for what seemed like an eternity.
The log was a car, a snowmobile, an airplane, a house..
Jason and I walked quietly within view but left the boys to their play until a squabble broke out.
In our travels we saw the tracks of coyote, bear, squirrel, chipmunk, raccoon, turkey, grouse, and deer. Our woods are rich and full of life! We are working on learning to identify the various trees that grow here on our land. We know them in this season when they only show their bark and branching. There is lots of elm, hickory, birch, maple, ash, and black locust.
When everyone was hungry, we traveled back through the woods, passing by the maple grove where our buckets hang, waiting. The maple sugaring will be the next exciting step on our path (:


  1. Very cool to see all of those tracks - bear tracks - wow! So guess they have come out of hibernation.

  2. so, so lovely. and yes we find the woods to be so healing too. if we're having a rough day as a family, we'll often drop everything and head out into the woods.


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