March 29, 2014

recent homeschooling adventures

Jude thought this was loads of fun.
I drew letters on a big piece of heavy cardboard-type paper and he filled in the shapes with his bingo marker. This, for him, was a totally cathartic experience (and those are very rare in the life of such a busy boy, I assure you!) (Ignore the robots and strange creatures; we were doodling for a while first!) Jude loved the activity and wanted to take it further so he drew arms, legs and faces onto the letters. The next day he wanted to make a whole new bingo marker alphabet, so we did so on regular paper, and after finishing their shapes with the bingo marker, he cut them all out so he could play with them. Very fun!

We also brought out these little wooden alphabet letters. The boys drew on them, giving them smiling faces and decorations and then played with them, calling them by their letter name prefaced by 'Super'. Everything in our home seems to acquire a superhero persona these days (-; Ollie played with his 'Super R' for the entire morning!

Jude loves to draw, and he also loves to copy words onto his drawings. In the above photo he is drawing a rescue airplane. 

Ollie is very good at puzzles.

And here is Jude's very awesome fire-breathing dragon (:

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