March 11, 2014

rosy noses (:

This past winter has been so cold that we haven't ventured outside nearly as much as I would have liked. It was just not fun for my little guys, with those below 20 temperatures,, Their skin would be burned from the cold and turn ruddy. Lucky for everyone, so many days indoors has settled them deeply into their imaginative games, and they happily play for hours and hours and hours. I remember how I panicked at the thought of winter when it was early autumn, not being capable of imagining a long cold winter spent indoors without constant tantrums and boredom and feeling caged up, but here we are, and it is almost spring! And while it was a record winter for Canada, being so cold for so long, we made it, and we did so well! I will try and remember this next autumn when I become used to running outside in my bare feet on a whim,, and feeling warm all the time..

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