March 8, 2015

Late-winter creativity!

I drew a quick collection of our sheep for Ollie to play with. He enjoyed that quite a lot.

Jude made a super awesome comic book! He is such an amazing artist!

Daddy and Jude made apple-head dolls. Here they are drying by the woodstove.

My boy Jude, drawing in the sun.

Making a cardboard room for Ollie to play with.

Same sunny spot, different day. This time Jude is making his own version of a pinata, out of cut paper that has been coloured, decorated and stapled. 

March is an interesting month. We know that spring is soon to arrive, but still the snow falls and the wind blows. Here, it seems that we are faring much better than last winter, likely because we are in a new house. The boys do squabble a bit, but they are doing great considering they are together all day, every day, inside the house. Ollie is 3 and Jude is 5 and a half now, so they are big boys enough to work through their disagreements with a semblance of manners and consideration (-; We do a lot of creative projects, although nothing extremely innovative. Jude keeps himself busy drawing off and on every day; wondrous detailed illustrations of machines, houses, pirate boats and robot costumes. His imagination helps him through any bored moments! Ollie is a really easy going fellow, adapting easily to pretty much anything and entertaining himself for great lengths of time with little more than his own fingers to play with (seriously! He pretends they are little people, police men, pirates, elves, you name it, having adventures and facing perilous situations but always making it out alive in the end!). He isn't artistically creative yet, aside from painting the odd picture here or there, but his imagination keeps him entertained constantly. Small children are amazing, they really are, and I really wish I could be that free and expressive and uninhibited.
So, until the snow breaks and the sun flares warm enough to melt the mountains of snow, we will keep our hands and minds busy by drawing, painting, playing (and sewing and felting for me!). 

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