March 25, 2015

More food.

A big jar of yogurt! Now that I have finally found the best recipe for making yogurt, I make a jar full each week or so. We like to mix a bit of honey into it, or use it in smoothies. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this! 

Glorious pumpkin pie! I always make them in twos or fours, as out Jarrahdale pumpkins are so large that just ONE is enough for FOUR pies! Sometimes I make two pies and a huge pot of soup, though. 
We still have five or six of them here in the kitchen ~ Grown in our garden last summer, they have certainly lasted well! The pie recipe has somehow disappeared from the website I found it on (Good thing I scribbled it on a piece of paper and tucked it in my kitchen drawer!), and the gluten free pie crust recipe I found here.

Chicken pot pie ~ Gluten free, of course! Made with our own free range chickens and broth, this is one delicious and healthy meal. Jude was kind enough to help decorate the top by adding a sunshine above my chicken. He quickly made it and snuck it on there when my back was turned (:

A gluten free birthday cake! We drove down to stay with my parents last weekend to celebrate my Mom's birthday, and since her cake was indeed not of the gluten free variety, I baked one just for Jude and Ollie to eat and brought it along. They had a blast decorating it, and it was actually quite yummy!

It's funny, I never liked cooking. I loved to bake and make homemade bread when I first dabbled in the culinary world, but never did I have the patience for more elaborate meals. I am still that way, but with so many mouths to feed, I just have to cook-cook-cook anyway! And the gluten free aspect of our lives really forces me to wake up and get creative! Without the convenience of bread, one must come at meal preparation from an entirely new place but I'm getting there. I look immensely forward to summer when our scrumptious vegetable gardens are working their magic and fresh food tastes good again! I fondly remember Jude and Ollie plucking little tomatoes, cucumbers and cucamelons off of their plants and eating them in the sun.

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