March 5, 2015

My favourite!

Aside from the barn chores, the cold winter days have pretty much kept us inside this entire winter.
Mostly, we all fight over the rocking chair that directly faces the wood stove, and when I am lucky enough to claim it, I work away at my needle felting in that cozy, wonderful spot. With tea, of course! Winter does have its perks! 
I actually found the rocking chair in the barn, and it is already quite rickety and well-loved, so we'll be fixing it up in the springtime, but for the time being it is helping all of us to make the most of this extremely frigid winter. Jude draws there, and Isabella knits and reads books there. Ollie asks me to sit there when he is upset, and I will rock and cuddle him until he is his usual cheery self again. I of course indulge in needle felting while sitting in that spot, but I also seem to sit there every morning after the flurry of breakfast has settled to drink my first cup of tea (:

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