February 6, 2009

goody goody gumdrop

Whoa!! I just discovered that I was in a feature at Funky Finds a few months back!
That's a great thing, although I am a bit late (-; Oh well. Here is the link::

Other good news of the day::

1. I talked to my Mom on the phone. This always leaves me cheery and optimistic

2. The etsy treasury I made a couple days ago made it to the Front page!!!!! Yay!

3. I feel so happy in general that I baked up a loaf of banana bread. Yum. It should
be done in about 15 minutes and I can't wait..

4. It's Friday which means it's the weekend and I get to spend time with my loves!

5. I absolutely, positively, completely and whole-heartedly love being pregnant (-:


1 comment:

  1. Hi Samantha, We now have an "I'm a funky find" page if you'd like to swap links! http://www.funkyfinds.us/funky-found.html


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