February 20, 2009

25 random facts indeed...

I made this list about a month ago, prompted by a facebook trend (-: The truth is, I have always loved making lists, especially about my inner workings. My sis, Mom and I used to create interesting lists just for fun, and if I was brave enough to sift through the many sketchbooks and journals I have filled, I would be able to find them. It would be so great to read those older lists, To see how I have changed.. Anyways, here is the list.

25 random facts about myself ^__^

1. I'm pregnant at this very moment, with a baby boy (-:

2. I wish my hair would grow as long as the floor. I love the medieval look.

3. I wear a dress or skirt nearly every single day.

4. I homeschooled my daughter Isabella off and on until she reached third grade.

5. When Isabella was a year old, I shaved my head and have been growing it back ever since. I recommend that every one do it at least once in their life (-:

6. I have an amazing gift for finding free stuff, from clothes, gardening supplies, antiques, art supplies, furnature, toys, beautiful things to decorate with, baskets, books, ornaments, etc etc etc... I just say that I need something and within days I come across it (-:

7. I have been able to feel/sense/see spirits and other various mythical beings since I was a teenager.

8. My Mom and sister are my best friends in the world and my heart aches with wild abandon each day I am apart from our woman-circle.

9. I love to bake and make bread by hand.

10. I am happiest when I am gardening.

11. When I'm not pregnant, I am hugely addicted to tea of all kinds and drink cup after cup all day long.

12. I love motherhood and I'm so glad it happened to me (-:

13. My husband Jason and I met on a snail mail penpal site that doesn't exist anymore and wrote letters to one another off and on for six years before we decided to get married, having met only twice - Once in 2000 and once on 2005.

14. I love to write letters with pen and paper.

15. I get lost in historical fiction novels and children's books; I have very little interest in the reality of the world and prefer what is imaginative, creative and beautiful.

16. I spent a summer of my childhood stirring a barrel full of slimey old brown water, adding leaves and grass and whatever else I could find, making witches brew. It was one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had.

17. This past summer, Jason, Isabella and I drove from Ontario all the way back to California in our tiny little car. It took two weeks to do properly, sleeping in motels, hotels, camping, and visiting all the cool stuff along the way.

18. I did horseback riding when I was in fourth and fifth grade, and so wish I could get a horse of my own and take it up again.

19. I love wild places; forests, abandoned buildings, solitary lakes and such..

20. I have been pregnant four times (including the pregnancy I'm in right now)

21. I love foraging for wild herbs, foods and flowers.

22. I have made tons of toys and clothing for Isabella over the years.

23. I attended Catholic school until I was 18 years old.

24. I'm watching Isabella belly dance beside me right now.

25. I have profound respect for so many cultures, religions and teachings of wisdom, including but not limited to; Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Wicca, Tribal wisdom, Native American/Canadian wisdom, Nature, Yoga, New ageism, etc etc etc...

...and a picture of Tasha Tudor, just because I love her (-:

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