February 13, 2009

Valentine's Shhhtuff...

Sooooooooooo, tomorrow happens to be Valentine's day and I thought perhaps I might blog a little bit on the subject..
I don't know why exactly, but I just plain like making Valentines. Since moving to California I have made a different style of Valentine with each coming holiday. I suppose because it's a simple holiday; Not so much fanfare as Christmas or a birthday..
Anyway,, Isabella is celebrating at school today with a 'Valentine Tea'. She finished making her Valentine cards yesterday and has picked out a white and red checked-patterned dress, pink pants and pink socks to wear. I painted a heart on her cheek this morning too. ^__^
The children were encouraged to bring a stuffed toy to attend the party also, and so Pipo donned a red African-print dress, two red skirts, two red aprons, a pair of red pants and red moccasins. We also perked up her cheeks with blush.

My mom and sister put together a package for us too and sent it out on Monday,, I do hope it gets here today!! My mom has always made sure a sweet card and treat of some sort greeted my sister and I on Valentine's Day as we were growing up. Such a nice mommy (-:
For me, I am pretty tired. I have been battling a silly cold for three days now and it has sucked the energy out of me, but I am going to make some sweet little felt fortune cookies today, and tuck Valentine wishes inside (-: That is the plan.

Here is a collection of our past and present Valentine's frivolity and such::

Isabella and Pipo this morning, all decked out in Valentine style (-:

And here we have Isabella, painting pink and red ink onto the Valentine cards for her classmates.
Unfortunately, I neglected to photograph the final result. Oh well (-:

Jason made this for me last year (-:

And I made this guy for Isabella last year! His name is 'Hearty' I think.

This one I made two years ago. Fun!

Happy Valentine's day!


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