November 12, 2009

a beach adventure (-:

Yesterday we went on a lovely family adventure, driving up the California coast until we reached our favourite beach. It has been a long while since we last ventured there and it was so nice to be out and about again. This was Jude's first trip to the beach. Four and a half months old (-:
We found a cozy little spot near the lush, succulent-covered cliff and laid down our picnic blanket, sweaters, and snacks. Jason and Isabella immediately trecked off to explore while Jude and I stayed back. We played, I nursed him and then he peacefully went off to sleep. I bundled him in my sweater and Jason's jacket and laid him down to sleep in the sun and wind. Naps in wild places are lovely indeed (-: Sand dune jumping, writing in the sand, munching on roasted seaweed, sesame snaps, granola, apples and bananas, Exploring tidepools, collecting abalone shells, climbing rocky cliffs, running in the sand; These too are quite lovely (-:



  1. Your family is beautiful, it looks like a lovely day of togetherness in nature!

  2. Thank you Garden Mama! We are so blessed to be living near the ocean. (-:


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