November 27, 2009

happy things (-:

Beautiful tea from Chinatown; I love these teas ~ all wrapped up in a green tea ball,
and gently open into a beautiful flowery scene (-:

Beautiful, peaceful sleeping Jude...

and his cute little toes (-:

Pipo's 'doll birthday' desert platter: clementines, seaweed, blackberries & After Eight chocolates (-:

Isabella's medieval hair (-:

We have been busy this past week:

We celebrated my birthday.
Jason went rockhounding in the desert for three days looking for prehistoric shark's teeth (He found 60!)
We ate chinese dumplings and pastries in Chinatown.
We celebrated Pipo's second birthday this year (-;
Jude took a whole bunch of naps, many of which only lasted 10 minutes.
I finished a bunch of handmade Christmas cards.
Isabella, Jude and I danced to loud music in the living room.
We watched the movie 'Elf'.
Ate dinner at 'Los Cantaros' for Thanksgiving & then baked two pumpkin pies & ate some. Yum.
We went to the zoo with some friends.
Post office. Grocery store. Library.
Isabella has gone on many spy missions around the apartment building, taking notes (-:
Candles and incense and Christmas lights.
Hot chocolate and chai latte on a chilly night out.
Many hours of babywearing.
Many, many, many cups of tea (-:



  1. mmmm... What a lovely little slice of your life. Thank you.

  2. You're so sweet Barb. I really wish you would write all about your life too so I could read it.




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