November 5, 2009

I have a great big baby

Jude had his four month checkup on Monday of this week, as well as his first immunizations, poor thing.
I am a bit torn concerning the debate between needles or no needles, when to get them, and which ones not to get..But we won't even go there.
He is now, at a mere four months of age, 17.5 pounds! Apparently that is in the 98th percentile for his age. He is a rarity. A big, heavy boy (-: He doesn't look huge or extra pudgey, He is just really large for his age. As in, he looks like a one-year old baby. But he's not (-:
And since he is so big and heavy, and I never really had a chance to carry a small, light baby when he was first born and basically jumped right into a super-duper baby-lifting workout, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and tendonitis in my left arm. Hard work, this mothering business!
We went to the doctor's yesterday and I was fitted for two wrist splints which I'll be wearing at night for the next while. Fun stuff (-:
I suppose, in creating the right circumstances for my wrists, hands and arms to heal quickly, I will need to do things differently. I will need to get a stroller and give my back a rest. I will need to ask for more help. I will need to slow down a bit,, and be gentle on myself.
Other than the carpal tunnel/tendonitis drama, all is well and beautiful. As I write this, baby Jude is napping peacefully, There is one morning glory flower blooming on our patio vine, Lily-cat is nestled in beside me on the couch, and cloth diapers are blowing gently in the wind on the clothesline. Today after school I will walk down to pick Isabella up from her friend's house. I like our walks home through town. We often pop into a shop or two, chat about her day, act silly..Times are busy lately and walking slows everything down so that there is nothing but moments, taken purposefully.

Which reminds me, I just found a cute random zen quote generator (-: Always good for the soul (-:

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