November 3, 2009

Corn husk doll!

Isabella has been wanting to make one of these for years!
Now we just need to find some corn husks..
I think it will be fun (-:

Jason and I were just discussing the making of various pioneer arts and crafts, inspired by the on-going
process of creating our braided rag rug..Which, by the way, is now larger than a placemat (Yay!)
It is hard to imagine just how long a project will take until you start, but Jason has been extremely diligent
in getting it done. We cut the strips and sewed them together in a couple days, ironed the edges in
over the course of another few days, and then braided them ~ this part took us about two months!
Jason has been lacing those braids together all weekend and the rug is really starting to take shape!
It is really quite pretty, with sprinkles of red and yellow amidst the more dominant shades of blues, whites and greens.
I can hardly wait to see it finished and beautifying our home (-:

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