November 19, 2009


My day went as follows:

6am wake up. baby Jude is also waking beside me. I get up and immediately make lunches for everyone.
Have a shower. Get dressed. Braid Isabella's hair. Kiss Jason and Isabella good-bye and visit with Jude who is wriggling on a blanket on the floor where Jason was hanging out with him. Make a quick breakfast of cereal and hot cocoa and eat it while talking to Jude who happens to be snuggled on the couch beside me. Change Jude's diaper and dress him in cute baby jeans and a purple shirt. Nurse him while checking emails and such. Put him down for a nap. Clean the bunny cage. Make tea and drink it. Carry Jude around when he wakes up. Play, sing and be really silly. Put a cute yellow gingham jacket on Jude and take him onto the patio for a little photo shoot. Hang cloth diapers on the clothesline while I'm out there. Go back inside and nurse him again. Carry him around some more because he's fussy and cries every time I put him down for a second. Change another diaper and nurse him again. Get thrown up on repeatedly. Put on the moby wrap and visit my neighbour for a second before going out for a walk in the cool autumn air. Stroll to Whole Foods and get myself a chai latte. Drink it while walking to the public gardens where I show Jude the chickadees, fountains, and the Japanese garden (my favourite), smell the lovely fallen leaves, enjoy the sunshine on my face and the warm, cozy body of Jude who falls asleep against me. Smile at people who think Jude is adorable. Head back home an hour and a half later. Sweep the floor and tidy up. Nurse Jude. Dump a pile of small toys on the floor and place Jude in the middle on a blanket. Watch him roll over, wriggle and play with his toys. Call my mom and let her listen to Jude's delightful laughter. Snuggle him lots. Change his diaper and nurse him until he falls asleep. Put him down, eat a sandwich, drink tea, scan artwork. Nurse Jude again when he wakes up 15 minutes later. Put him in the baby swing when he falls asleep again. Scan more artwork. Make more tea and sit down to write this blog. Welcome Jason and Isabella home at 4 pm.

I don't know why I write blogs such as this, I suppose it feels good to share about my day, as frantic/disorderly/unproductive as it may seem as I live it. Jason is currently changing Jude's diaper since he has awakened from yet another short nap and I am going to make yet another cup of tea. Pomegranate this time (-:

Oh, did I mention that it's my birthday tomorrow?

My mom sent me a big package which arrived here on Monday and which I am dying to open! Yay!


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  1. happy birthday!! jude's yellow gingham is adorable.

    i'd be happy to share our sleep changes with you. it's been a huge change for the better for us. i'll need to write you an email just 'cause it's too much to write out here. can i find it somewhere on here?



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