August 23, 2010

Cameron Street Co-op

A couple days ago I was feeling pretty yucky. That sleep-deprived grouchy, sad kind of yucky. This doesn't happen quite so much these days. For the most part, I feel pretty good. But there it was..that yuckiness, and I couldn't stand being inside, but the day was dark and looked like it might rain at any moment so we jumped into the car and drove to the Cameron Street Co-op Cafe in Cannington (-:
I had been there just once before; nearly five years ago to see Rose Cousins perform live in an evening music show. It was magical. I brought Isabella, who was five years old at the time and she very much enjoyed the treats and entertainment.
Jude was especially delighted because it just so happened that one of his favourite things in the whole world was there, and he was allowed to play with it as long as he liked!
He shared my sandwich and played happily (and quietly, which is a rare treat, I assure you!). I LOVE child-friendly places. It doesn't take much; just an old phone and a booster chair on the floor and not a whole lot of grab-ables strewn throughout an establishment, but it is such a great and appreciated thing for those of us who have small children but yet wish to be present in the outside world (-:

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  1. Oh I love the mix of old furniture and things! And that counter! I'll have a coffee and a bun please! Or a chai latte would do very nicely too.. :)


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