August 30, 2010

Embroidered works of art

I love to draw, and I also love to sew. I thought it would be really quite fun to incorporate them together and so I created these three prints. The first one, named 'Trees and a Basket' was drawn first with a thin drawing pen, coloured digitally, and then then I freeform embroidered the trees that you see in the background. They blend in so nicely that I think you might ~ (if you took a quick look at the print without studting it too intensely) ~ not even realize that they are, indeed, constructed of thread.

This sweet girl {Russian Teacup Girl} was painted first with black ink and a brush, coloured digitally, and then freeform embroidered. Four light pink flowers decorate the space around her and her teacup (-:

...And then there is this lovely lady ~ Pretty Bird on a Precarious Perch ~ I created her just like the other works. Her red cape has been embroidered you will see...

All are listed in my shop! (:  (:  (:

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