August 3, 2010

snippets of a Canadian summer..

  1. my bike, with whom i am happily reunited
  2. jason and jude strolling in heber downs conservation area
  3. happy bella in the wind
  4. grumpy, tired jude ready for his nap after oatmeal-eating
  5. on the swing
  6. and again!
  7. spending time on the grass
  8. lake ontario
  9. jude enjoying canadian rocks for a change (-;
  10. my beautiful children
  11. full moon at dusk
  12. we love rivers!
  13. beautiful grandma-jude with her tea
  14. grandma-jude, baby jude and amarook the husky-dog
  15. kisses
  16. we saw a beaver cutting down a tree! how awesome is that?
  17. straw bales behind the house
  18. bella and amarook
  19. drinking from the wooden goblet
  20. jude enjoying his time on top of a bale of hay
  21. jude enjoying his time in a farmer's field (:


  1. Hi Samantha --

    Thank you for sharing snapshots & snippets of your return home to Canada. How lovely to see you posting again. It looks like a happy time... a happy summer... a happy homecoming...

    Sending blessings & many good wishes your way...


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