August 26, 2010

Life's passings

Jason found this sweet baby mouse in the garage. More dead than alive, he brought it into the house to show Isabella, and she promptly created a soft nest~bed for it to lay in until its' passing from this life to the next. I don't find this morbid, I rather think it is beautiful; Especially Isabella's desire to make a comfortable death-bed for this sweet small creature, Her respect for life and it's passing.

Yesterday as we were spending time together on the front porch, Isabella spotted this huge, and very beautiful, dragonfly on the bottom step. Amarook the dog was snuffling all around it and so we did our best to zoom over and rescue it. It didn't die right away. Hours after Isabella and I created a soft grassy bed for it in a little plate and hid it from predators in a safe tree nook, it was still hanging on. We found that it had, indeed, died by the next morning but we're glad it was able to do so in peace.

Some people may think it is ridiculous to care for a small thing or to try and ease its passing; That nature deals with such things on it's own..But I think that if we care for all creatures of this beautiful planet and cultivate compassion and a genuine sense of caring, it makes a difference that is more immense than we can comprehend. I also think that sometimes wisdom can work through an animal as small as an insect or a baby mouse and create a situation where everyone involved can grow; Where knowledge and opening of the heart can transpire, and I think that it is important to 'look out' for these small gifts (which aren't really 'small' at all) because that's precisely why we're here on this planet, anyway. (-:


  1. Oh, lovely thoughts about life's passing. Such complex little creatures it seems such a shame that their time was so brief. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you took care of them.
    I am the same, it's hard to not do something to help other creatures. I totally agree with you on that - which is something you already knew. :)


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