September 21, 2010


Congratulations to Bodhileaf for winning my autumn giveaway!! Bodhileaf ~ Please contact me with your address so I can mail the cards off to you (:


In this magical season which is autumn, I have been inspired to host a
G I V E A W A Y !!!!!

I have decided that I like the number 333. It seems like a pretty nice, well-rounded number ~ maybe even a magical, good-luck sort of number, and so I have decided that when I reach that many blog posts (I'm at 328 right now) I will offer a pair of lovely handmade embroidered greeting cards featuring my artwork as a giveaway gift (: (: Two forest~keeper gnomes, perfect for celebrating this jumping in leaves ~ hot cider ~ scarf and mittens season (:

If you would care to win such a treasure, please do these 2 simple things:

~ Leave a comment on this post (make sure you can be contacted through your blog account in some way!)

~ Become a follower of my blog OR place me in your sidebar blogroll (: {{If you don't have a blog or an account, that's ok. Just leave a message but make sure I can email you if you win!}}


I will draw the winner randomly when I reach 333 posts, which I estimate to be sometime next week (:
Good luck!


  1. Oh, I love your stuff! Thanks to Jenny Karlsson for showing it to me!

  2. I love your inspiring art and soulful blog. You inspire! I have two pieces of your art on my walls and they make my heart sing. Happy autumn to you. x x x

  3. I love love your creations :))) , you are already listed on my bloglist and I will become a follower too :)

  4. I love all of your illustrations so very much! I just added you to my links lost on my blog!

  5. I do hope I win your awesome cards,, you are so gifted!

  6. Cute! I just found your work today - I love it!

  7. I say: Yay!
    you know the rest :) <3

  8. What pretty cards. So sweet


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