September 11, 2011

beep bleep boop!


Matilda the duck ran away days ago. She had been doing so already but we always managed to find her, usually sitting on the bank of the creek behind our property. This time we haven't been able to locate her. I hope she is safe and happy.

Jude knocked my teacup over, dowsing my laptop, the modem and router with a generous helping of green tea. That happened one week ago and I was slightly traumatized thinking that my computer may be dead (All of my art files, photos and such are on here and it would really suck, to say the least, if they dissapeared from my life. Yes, I know I should backup my files. I keep meaning to but I am so busy all the time..Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. And fortunately for me, I have some prior experience with laptops and water and I immediately put it on it's side, turned it off and set a fan blowing on it for three days straight. It's working now. Whew! We did have to get a new modem..

Isabella on the first day of school

Isabella started grade six on Tuesday; I am truly shocked at the age of my girl~child, by her big feet and lengthening body. What a short time childhood is! How sacred are the moments of youth! I have always known this and tried to live in such a way that her beginnings were creative, open and free...but still, it passes by so fast.
She very much dislikes her teacher and she has come home each day consecutively more intense and emotional. Bella has always been a sensitive child, and I can see that the stress of school life is much for her to adjust to. I so want to homeschool her, but she isn't willing to go back to that way of life now that she has formed friendships with the girls in her class. I will never force her to homeschool, but I know with the wisdom of a hundred mothers that she would be happier, smarter, more grounded and confident if she were educated in this manner. I keep asking for help from the powers that be, That our life circumstances shift around to support positive growth and change for all of us, That she come to certain conclusions on her own. It's hard; we never intended to stay here at my parent's home as long as we have. I want to nurture a home environment for my littles and feel like we are heading in our own unique forward direction, not just biding time in someone else's reality. Random thoughts. Mind chatter. Breathe..

Knitted pilot cap for Jude

I am nearly finished my second knitted pilot cap and I'm delighted (: I'll definitely make a third!

I saw this photo on this blog post and totally wanted my own piano to paint (: A weird pregnancy-induced notion perhaps, but still.

So, I found a free piano on kijiji (Canadian online classifieds) the very day my inspiration came upon me! I emailed the fellow offering it, he said it was mine, and voila! Well, not exactly voila! I still had to figure out to get it to my parent's garage for the time being ~ I ended up having to pay a mover to do it, but that's all fine and good (: This piano was meant for me and I am so excited that I made it happen (:

I made my sister a plush elephant for her birthday and she wept over it; she loved it that much. I am still shocked by her reaction and so so glad I finished the project, even though I nearly abandoned it a few times due to tired and grumpy toddler antics and lack of time. I think I will make some more! Jude and Isabella made lovely birthday cards for her too. How I love handmade!

We enjoyed the celebration of my sister's birthday at her house with cake and pizza and a good ole' scrunched-up-tissue-ball fight that had everyone in histerics for some time. Good times (:

I spotted a sweet vintage dresser on the side of the road on the way home from the party and insisted that we bring it home, even though we have a tiny car and all four of us were in it at the time. Jason was awesome and managed to fasten it onto the roof with only two bungee cords! It took a bit of time and everyone had to learn a good lesson about patience (it was late and everyone was cake~weary!), but in the end the happy dresser moved into the garage beside my piano, and they will both one day make me even happier with their presence in our new home, wherever that may be (:

Jude thinks a really great name for the baby is Ketchup. We'll see about that one (-;

We have been spending as much time outside as we can, soaking up these sacred days of warmth and sunshine where you can frolic barefoot in the grass, drinking tea on the deck and playing under the shade of a tree (:

Also, Jude has been completely smitten with the caterpillars. Luckily, we have lots. He loves to hold them and is very gentle, and he knows to put them onto a leaf when he's done petting them and saying "Awww, cute" so that they can eat (: We have read The Hungry Caterpillar oh, maybe a gazillion times so he knows that a leaf is the yummiest thing for the little fellows (:

Here's my baby belly this week. 31 weeks now (:

Oh, and I am reading this book right now. I was in 3 pages and already loved it!

Alright, I am off to knit (:

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