September 23, 2011

'tis the first day of autumn!

How did that happen? Somewhere in between all that playing, cleaning, nursing, floor-sweeping, snuggling, diaper-washing, pregnancy and major life decision thinking, autumn appeared! I do love this season, SO so much (: With it comes all the most joyous things for me: apples in bushels, cider, the glorious smell of burning leaves, gorgeous leaves, chilly air, and the opportunity to put my knitted wares to good use! Jude loves his pilot cap, by the way. I have almost finished a  second one for him, blue like the one I made for the baby. Which reminds me, I am now 33 weeks pregnant (: Time is indeed flying. Change is imminent. I am excited, hopeful, and thoroughly terrified. I am not speaking of the birth of this wee one or the life that will unfold with his arrival into our family, but the proposed change of dwelling. We have been looking for a lovely farmhouse/house in the woods for a bit now and just yesterday I think I found it. Within a matter of weeks, all could be very different for my family and I am just trying to keep calm but this is hard for me to do. Breathe breathe breathe. It is true, the saying that you'de better be careful what you wish for! I put in a tall order and by geez, the universe is delivering! Here is what I asked for: a gorgeous house, preferably in the woods with lots of room and light that was affordable to rent, something that has the potential to become a forever-home, a place to grow and laugh and blossom with my family but not too far from my parents and sister and Jason's places of employment. I also put in the (prayer) order for a fireplace, a possible homebirth, and I wanted to get settled there before this wee babe arrives. So far, all these things are present. We just have to make the bold leap, trust that beauty comes from sacrifice and a willingness to accept change, and always always try to stay positive (a hard task when worrying about all the little aspects of major life changes, things that need to be done, children's happiness and during periods of extreme sleep-deprivation). So there you have it, on the day of the fall equinox, a seasonal change for both the natural world and my own little cultivated world. Blessed, blessed life.

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