September 25, 2011

sleep thoughts

In this final stretch of pregnancy, I am finding it very hard to sleep ~ Like right now for example. I am tired, and when I am finished monologuing on the subject I will attempt to sleep, but as soon as the lights are off and I am lying down, my legs get jittery and my hips ache in the worst way, my mind seems to come alive with uncontrollable, pointless thought and I lay there, usually listening to Jason's snoring and Jude's sleepy breathing and wonder how it is that I manage to make it through the daylight hours at all. I will nap with Jude if I absolutely have to (usually I need to be completely dilerious and feel like I'm going to melt away into nothingness from lack of sleep to break down and do so) ~ I cherish my alone time and need that bit of free (often times creative) time to balance out my soul and return me to my light, cheerier mama-self. It makes sense.

Well, good night then (:


1 comment:

  1. Oh Mama, I know how it is.I hope you get a good night's sleep soon!


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