December 12, 2008

All about Isabella

Isabella's birthday went very well indeed!

We started the morning off by painting a snowflake on Bella's cheek,
to commemorate that wondrous morning, eight years ago, when she
was born in a midwives' clinic in Toronto amidst an immense snowstorm.

After a pleasant day at school she came home to a pile of wrapped
presents sitting on the table. She was very excited but we had to
until Jason, too, arrived home before she could even consider
opening one of them! She bided the time with her first birthday gift
(an activity book from her teacher)...

She opened two gifts - three new pieces to add to her ever-expanding
rock collection, and a dress, made just that afternoon by yours truly
and which she immediately put on before we ventured out for dinner
at the sushi restaurant Nanayiro.

Back home with very full bellies, she opened the rest of her
presents (of which there were many, thanks to two sets of
grandparents!) and then we celebrated with ice cream cake.

Here Isabella is making a very important wish..

A lovely evening was had by all (-:

Here, by the way, is the big, squishy pillow I made for her
(and Blue, my own personal pillow-model)


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