December 30, 2008


Today I have THREE great pieces of news!

Firstly, the etsy treasury I created just last night made it to the front
page this afternoon and a couple of the artists' lovely items sold!
This warms me ole' heart.

Secondly, Jason also made a treasury and featured my art print in it,
and that made it to the front page also!
And thirdly, I have been featured on a fellow etsian's blog!

A lovely bit of goodness to bless my Tuesday, which was spent at the movie theater watching Despereaux with Isabella and Jason, and then spent taking a wee bit of a walk in the woods way up in the Oakland hills (-:
The evening is calm, There is a hot pot of tea in the kitchen and
Isabella is tucked into her warm, cozy bed.
Life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you two!
    I must start catching treasuries too! It's just that the time of day isn't always the best over here.. unless I am a night owl - which I better start being more often.. :)


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