December 29, 2008

such a while..

I have felt bad about abandoning this poor blog over the busy holidays so I thought it best to post a little something (-: Being the long Christmas holiday from school, we have all been doing this and that (playing wit new Christmas toys, drawing, painting, playing at the park, visiting Starbucks with our sketchbooks, taking walks, watching movies, snuggling, being silly, reading lots of books, and unfortunately for me, working on legal documents in the evenings which must be attended to but are so very drab. Ah, well.
I do have pictures to post but darn it, they are still snoozing in the camera
so they shall have to wait..

I thought I would have less of a chance to draw and create with Isabella and Jason home all the time but interestingly enough, I have been so cheery at their presence that I am even more creative than ever and the ideas are flowing; I have made at least 10 new drawings! They aren't ready for posting to my shops yet but they certainly will be soon! Yippee!

You know, I am such a visual person, I simply cannot leave this blog where it is,
sad and picture-less, so I will take a moment to put in something...

I happened to notice this rock-fellow when I was sitting under a tree on the top of a California hill,, I didn't see him at all for quite a while, but when I did I was startled, so real he was! He said it was fine with him if I took a photo. I think wise nature spirits are all around us and we are blessed indeed if we have a chance to glimpse one of them! I happen to see them quite a lot these days, but rarely are they so agreeable as to sit for a portrait ^__^

1 comment:

  1. I didn't see him ast first either, but after a tiny while, he appeared :)
    great picture. What 'luck' that you bumped in to him :)


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