December 10, 2008

many scattered thoughts

Ooh ooh oooh!! It's Isabella's birthday tomorrow! So exciting...Eight years old!
So, after I finish here I will be sewing up a storm,, Yes I have waited until the last minute but that seems to be the way of it for me. I think I inherited this trait from my own mother who would be gone the whole day of your birthday, shopping in town while you sat waiting at home, bored. Ha ha! But when she returned it was the greatest, and she meant well, so it was hard to be sore about it. She always went all out and created the most happiest birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc..Me though, I do complete all tasks before the event itself, albeit in a rushed and superly-endorphined manner (-:

I am thinking I will sew a giant squishy pillow for her, a very pretty one of course. This is something she keeps asking me for. I made her one when we lived in Canada when she was three years old but we couldn't bring it here when we moved. Now it hangs out with her Grandma Jude and Grampa Joe in their cozy house in the snow (-:

Ahhhh *big sigh* I like sewing, It's very relaxing and a nice break from other creative endeavors. Especially at Christmas time! I always get the sewing itch at this lovely time of year, as well as the profound urge to knit, but it seems that one of the rascally cats has made off with my knitting needles. Naughty!

I should like to mention that we have found the most perfect Christmas tree. We ventured to Half Moon Bay and saw her standing in a Christmas tree field and loved her wild tree hair-do, There are enough little boughs up there to display a bunch of angels! But we only have one, so she is relaxing up there, taking in the scene..We named the tree "Blossom Betty Windy", each name chosen by one of us and put together (-: I want to post pictures right now but they're still in my camera. Oh well, soon enough.

Alright then, it's off to sewing for me! And then I must call my Mama. I miss her.

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