December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice magic

I love this day, this magical first day of winter...
Yes, the holidays are indeed upon us (-: We have After Eights and Ferrero Rochers on the coffee table, a sparkling tree, presents happily piling up, Good smells and bursts of creativity ignitied by the coming of Christmas... Isabella has planned a concert for our Christmas eve; a lovely collection of holiday songs and poems for us to savour.

I am working on her main present; It is currently hiding in the closet, waiting for evening to emerge and take shape..I think it will only take one more night, or maybe two, to finish..

We did some local shopping yesterday, starting with our favourite shops along Grand Ave and Lakeshore Ave, all within walking distance. We stopped into Starbucks and made good use of the gift card my wonderful sister sent us, enjoying gingerbread men and delicious drinks, and then more shop perusing, and finally to end the rather jolly and productive run with chinese food on our walk back, and then cozily wrapping ourselves up in blankets to enjoy 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' before falling into bed..

My Mom tells me stories of the snowstorms they are having and the gleeful Christmas shoppers wearing huge smiles as they finish off their holiday preparations. I do miss it there, But we are finding our own way here, managing to carry the glorious spirit of winterness that will never leave me..

In a few moments, Isabella and I will stroll to the corner store to purchase many bags of candies with which to decorate our gingerbread house ^__^

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