December 4, 2008

lovely lovely lovely

Today was absolutely lovely.

I needed to mail out some art prints (sold three this week!!) and so I caught a ride to the post office with Isabella's morning ride to school,, discovered that I was too early and the post wasn't yet open so I ventured further to Starbucks and ordered myself a green tea. Much time was spent there, as I needed to fill out an artist's application and write up a bio for a local showing. The sun was streaming in through the window and I chose a big squishy chair to sit in. Comfy. Feeling the itch to continue on, I mailed out the prints and then headed over to the grocery store and bought myself a box of blueberries, a box of blackberries and some fig bars,, then over to the pharmacy to pick up some last minute gifts for Isabella's birthday/Christmas, both of which are creeping up on me at alarming speed. Pleased with my purchases, I walked back towards home, stopping in to drop my artist application along the way..

Pleasant enough day, but here are the thoughts circulating around inmy head:

My stagnancy (or what I feel to be stagnancy in my life) is caused by none other than my inability to let go and realize that I am not stagnant at all. That creativity lives in me, It is not something I need to force, nor is it something that comes and goes (which is very much the way it seems at times) but that it is always there. I am just unaware, thinking and worrying so much. I realized that I have gotten so far from my center that I am spiraling in chaos of mind, and so I have been ever mindful today, focusing focusing focusing. 'Tis good.

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