March 1, 2009

'Tis Sunday indeed

Here are some pictures I took on Friday, when Isabella was Frida Kahlo for her school's 'Living Museum' project.
We threw together a pretty great outfit from pieces we had at home, and I painted her eyebrows that morning. Isabella was pretty upset that two boys made fun of her unibrow and she wasn't able to fully embrace how cool she looked as Frida, but all the adults and teachers knew (-: The painted piece in back is actually a dress, painted by Isabella. I couldn't capture it in its entirety as it's quite tall, but it's actually an Isabella-sized Frida Kahlo freestanding paper doll. One of the teachers loved it and so it will be living in her classroom for years to come. I will have to take a picture of it at some point~!

Today is rainy. Isabella has been sewing a little felt bunny (-: She started on a pair of jeans for her doll Pipo yesterday, and she has planned to create a newspaper as well. She doesn't get down when the rain comes and we aren't able to venture outside, But then neither do I. I have always loved rainy days and found them to inspire great creativity (-:

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