June 6, 2009


These last few moments, days, could be weeks I suppose..leading up to the birth of our baby seem to be endless. The same things happen day in and day out, and my ankles have reached a ridiculous new level of swelling. They actually hurt. But I know it will pass, as will all the other minor inconveniences that I find myself experiencing.

I have become quite obsessed with the art of cloth diapering, reading up on the internet the various ways to wash/care for them and what intricacies are required. I had no idea so much was involved and yet, I see that once a family's rhythm gets established, they are as simple a daily activity as washing dishes or making dinner. I cannot justify using disposables for this wee one, knowing all too well what it will do to this precious earth of ours, and so after considering other, more natural options, cloth has become the best choice.

Three separate people from freecycle have given us some really great, high-quality diapers which I am so grateful for. They are in awesome condition, many of which have never even been used, and if I had paid for the whole lot out of my own pocket, they would have all come to over 6oo dollars if you can believe it. So yes, we are blessed and have been helped by so many wonderful people on our journey towards babyhood (-:

Yesterday I spent a good while cutting up extra flannel recieving blankets, sewing them into three-layered diaper liners. Fun! I realize that I have failed to photograph any of the great things I have sewn for this little one, of which there are many pants, blankets and embellished shirts and onesies..

Just thoughts.

Mabel is doing her annoying morning floor-scratching routine so I had better release her from her cage. Rabbits, although voiceless creatures are not silent at all. In fact, she makes more noise than our three cats combined!

Happy weekend!

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