June 11, 2009

more waiting

Overcast sky. South American flute music playing. Myrrh incense burning.

I just finished a bowl of watermelon and before that, put through two loads of laundry. They are in the dryer now. I have been busy this week; Cleaning and sorting and sewing. Readying.

I have sewn up a bunch of cloth diaper inserts, improved/embellished a few of the all-in-one diapers I received from a lovely freecycler with pretty flannels, washed the new diapers three times to make them soft and absorbent, and now, I am waiting.

We are all so excited to meet this wee baby boy (-:

Today happens to be the last day of school. Isabella is, of course, delighted!
Jason needs to pop in tomorrow for his last day, to finish packing up his classroom and teaching supplies for the summer. I cannot believe a whole school year has gone by, of which I have been pregnant for most of it! Time is a bizarre thing. I remember well Isabella and I riding our tandem bike through the streets to her school, Locking it up to both a lamppost and stop sign before we hiked up the final mammoth hill upon which her school stands. It was fun, although short-lived (-:
On the tandem, I would be huffing and puffing, my legs aching while Isabella hummed a happy little tune behind me. I had a feeling she wasn't really 'pulling her own weight' at the time but that's ok. It was great exercise, and readied my body for this even more athletic task of growing a healthy baby boy, who by the way seems to be getting rather large! I do hope he thinks it best to come out soon!

My poor ankles. I feel so very sorry for them. (-: Swollen beyond belief and Isabella has been making fun of them.

Soon. soon. soon.

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