June 20, 2009

no baby yet

On Friday we drove out to Agate beach.. A daring feat considering I am due to have this baby any day and we were stationed more than an hour away from home. Still, my womb seemed calm enough, so while Jason and Isabella strolled along the beach looking for agates, petrified whale bone and a crab, I made a nest on our picnic blanket and drew on rocks. Isabella was set on finding a crab that she could study, and Jason found her one under a bunch of rocks. She put the little guy in her specimen container and proceeded to draw, and then take notes on him. He was pretty grouchy but we let him go in the end. Not before she named him 'Blueberry' though (-:


  1. love those beautiful stones!

    still waiting? i'm 5 days away still. tough days here and there but hanging in. hope things are moving along for you!

  2. I love the long rock with the third eye :-)
    Hope you go into labour soon.


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