June 15, 2009

any day (-:

I am baking some banana-strawberry bread as I write this and it smells absolutely wondrous in the oven (-:
Just fifteen minutes to go...

The past few days have been calm yet full. Isabella and Jason celebrated their last day of school on Friday, and we have been out and about ever since. We have strolled through the Botanical gardens, playground and petting zoo at Tilden Park, the Oakland public garden near our home, the Indian restaurant, Mexican restaurant, local shops and playgrounds. Isabella has been quite devoted to cleaning her room as well; reorganizing her various treasures, nature and rock collections, and letting go of things she no longer wants, so this is one of the tasks that has been taking place when we find ourselves at home.

Yum. The bread is done and I am being beckoned to play a vintage donkey card game so I will go.

Here are the two henna painting jobs Jason has done on my very round belly (-:
The henna paste is still on my skin in both photos and not yet removed; When washed off the finished design is much more subtle, Not so dark, but still very pretty. Fun (-:

The next time I write, I just may be holding a new babe (-:


  1. Isabella is nesting too. That's the sweetest. Enjoy this time.

  2. I am trying my best to enjoy it, although it is hard when I know that at any moment I may go into labour and then all will be changed forever (-: It's rather exciting but yes, I am doing my best to stay in my moments and be present.


  3. Beautiful henna. Oh I remember it so clearly those last moments before my little boy was born - sending sunshine x x x


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