June 8, 2009

much better...(-:

Well, it was as suspected. My day has been lovely and I am quite chipper. Hormones are indeed a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Jason stayed home from work today so we could have some time alone to just be. It was good. Our private moments are rare and soon they will be even more so. He henna painted my belly, although we missed a step in the preparation and so it didn't work out as planned but that's ok. We are considering it a practice run (-: and if the baby doesn't decide he is ready to make his grand appearance in the next while we will paint it again.

Just three more days of school for these guys and then it's summer fun for the three, er, four of us (-: I cannot wait to have them home with me more often. I do appreciate my alone time but I have to admit that I love having people around. I feel happier, more creative, more alive.

The birds on the patio are happily chirping and Isabella is awaiting my company for a pre-bedtime card game.


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