June 23, 2009


Well, hmm. Still no baby.

Yesterday happened to be the technical 'due date' for his birth by medical standards.

I don't get too fired up about such things, but my belly is rather large and I am so very ready to hold this wee lad in my arms...

The past week has been a lovely mish-mash of activities; We've gone to the beach, to the Oakland Zoo, to countless forests and nature-areas for hikes; We've walked around town, sought out new and hidden local destinations, gone out for dinner and ice cream and to the movies...I am attempting to be as active as possible in an effort to bring on my labour but apparently the time has not yet arrived. We've tried all the typical home remedies for bringing on labour (I would list them but they are a bit on the, uh, private side) and Jason took us all for a drive yesterday in which he steered the car over every pothole and bump in the road...
Still no baby.
I guess I need to refine my acceptance of patience.



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